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  • Identifier Protein names Gene names Cross reference refseq Length Species
    I0IVW2 R-spondin 2; RSPO2; NULL 241 chicken
    Q9I895 Stathmin; Fragment; NULL NULL 111 chicken
    Q92009 C-rel protein; P68-c-rel; Fragment; c-rel; proto-oncogene; NULL 9 chicken
    Q7SX70 Riboflavin-binding protein; Fragment; Rd; NULL 59 chicken
    F2Z4K8 Calmodulin; Fragment; CALM; NULL 148 chicken
    Q158T1 Prolactin; Fragment; NULL NULL 29 chicken
    B8YIG3 Interleukin-1beta; IL1B; NULL 267 chicken
    B8YIL1 Interleukin-1beta; IL1B; NULL 267 chicken
    C4PA15 Interleukin 12A; Fragment; IL12a; NULL 148 chicken
    F1DFK8 Interleukin-12; Interleukin-12p40; Fragment; IL-12p40; NULL 75 chicken
    H6UQ67 Growth hormone; GH; NULL 216 chicken
    K4L8I6 CD244; CD244; NULL 383 chicken
    C4PA14 Interleukin 12A; Fragment; IL12a; NULL 148 chicken
    B5BS98 MHC class II beta chain 1; BLB1; NULL 263 chicken
    Q2XSZ4 Telomerase reverse transcriptase variant 9; Fragment; TERT; NULL 105 chicken
    M1RMG9 Very low density lipoprotein; Fragment; VLDL; NULL 97 chicken
    E5DF79 NADH-ubiquinone oxidoreductase chain 2; EC; ND2; NULL 346 chicken
    B5TME0 IL4; Fragment; NULL NULL 32 chicken
    Q5ZFP4 Transporter associated with antigen presentation 2; Transporter associated with antigen processing 2; Fragment; TAP2; NULL 701 chicken
    B5BSA3 MHC class II M beta chain 1; DMB1; NULL 259 chicken