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  • Identifier Protein names Gene names Cross reference refseq Length Species
    H2QTK7 FYN oncogene related to SRC, FGR, YES; Uncharacterized protein; FYN; XP_001159342.1;XP_003950954.1; 537 chimpanzee
    H2RAX0 Histone H2B; HIST1H2BK; XP_003311159.1;XP_003950807.1;XP_518295.2; 126 chimpanzee
    H2R497 Mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase 3; Uncharacterized protein; LOC746715; MAP2K3; XP_001150751.1; 347 chimpanzee
    H2R2Y3 Potassium voltage-gated channel, subfamily G, member 1; Uncharacterized protein; KCNG1; XP_001168521.2; 513 chimpanzee
    H2QUD1 Nucleotide-binding oligomerization domain containing 1; Uncharacterized protein; NOD1; XP_001165528.1; 953 chimpanzee
    H2QLI6 Developmentally regulated GTP binding protein 1; Uncharacterized protein; DRG1; XP_515085.2; 367 chimpanzee
    H2QJZ0 Delta-like protein; JAG1; XP_001169666.1; 1218 chimpanzee
    H2QYV9 Tetraspanin; TSPAN6; XP_529071.3; 245 chimpanzee
    H2R885 Selenoprotein K; Uncharacterized protein; SELK; NULL 91 chimpanzee
    H2QU67 Replication protein A3, 14kDa; Uncharacterized protein; RPA3; XP_527665.2; 121 chimpanzee
    H2R2Z3 DEAD (Asp-Glu-Ala-Asp) box polypeptide 6; Uncharacterized protein; DDX6; XP_003313402.1;XP_508798.2; 483 chimpanzee
    H2RBJ9 Monoglyceride lipase; Uncharacterized protein; MGLL; XP_003310035.1; 313 chimpanzee
    Q198H8 MHC class I antigen; Patr-B; NULL 362 chimpanzee
    H2QL91 Catechol-O-methyltransferase; Uncharacterized protein; COMT; XP_003317142.1;XP_003317143.1;XP_003317144.1; 271 chimpanzee
    G2HIN7 Decorin; DCN; NP_001009082.1; 359 chimpanzee
    H2QRR8 Prenylcysteine oxidase 1 like; Uncharacterized protein; PCYOX1L; XP_001163338.1; 494 chimpanzee
    H2Q4U6 Transgelin; TAGLN; XP_003313366.1;XP_003313369.1;XP_003313370.1;XP_003313372.1; 201 chimpanzee
    Q95H90 MHC class I antigen; Patr-AL; NULL 365 chimpanzee
    K7DRH9 Hepatocyte growth factor-regulated tyrosine kinase substrate; HGS; NULL 777 chimpanzee
    H2QJI7 Uncharacterized protein; WD repeat and FYVE domain containing 1; WDFY1; XP_001166904.1; 410 chimpanzee