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    Abmart (Shanghai) is founded in 2007 with a goal to develop powerful yet accessible technologies to enable routine food and environment safety monitoring, protein diagnostics of health and disease as well as personalized disease treatment.

    To achieve our goal, we focus on creating revolutionary antibody products to enable fast, successful and cost-efficient discovery, detection and functional manipulation of proteins and chemical molecules.

    A series of novel monoclonal antibody technologies we have built in house are helping basic and applied scientists for

    developing first-ever proteome-scale monoclonal antibody libraries for important biological samples such as tumor cells and tissues, zebrafish heart and plants (based on Mabome™)
    discovering novel cell surface CART/ADC targets and plasma cancer biomarkers (based on MabArray™)
    developing functional antibodies for difficult membrane proteins such as ion channels (Cell 157, 1393 04, 2014; based on SEAL™)
    developing monoclonal antibodies against a target protein in 30 days (based on PETAL™)
    developing sensitive assays for measuring metabolites and chemical drugs (based on SMAL™).

    And for researchers in urgent need of reagent antibodies, including those who study model organisms, or newly sequenced genomes, we offer AbX™, a pre-made catalog of antibodies. Current version of AbX™ covers the most common used model organisms but this catalog is expanding rapidly to reach 1000 species (estimated to have 10 million protein-coding genes) in the next 12-18 months.

    We are continuing to improve and expand this 鈥渕onoclonal antibody ecosystem so that anyone with any molecule in mind can have desired monoclonal antibodies, successfully and affordably. With your participation and support, we will create a true antibody democracy.

    Abmart now has 150 passionate antibody professionals and the company is backed by a major venture capital group with a shared dream.