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    SEAL™ is a shot-gun, library approach for deep covering a target’s surface sequences with ultra-high affinity, specific monoclonal antibodies.

    SEAL™ consists of novel technologies for antigen design, potent immunogen preparation, efficient animal immunization, and large-scale antibody screening to produce high affinity, highly specific antibodies. SEAL™ has proven to be a successful approach for developing antibodies for difficult applications (flow cytometry, IHC, IP and functional) against difficult targets such as membrane proteins (GPCRs, ion channels), transcription factors and signaling molecules. Further, we have built an industrialized monoclonal antibody assembly line for making SEAL™ antibodies so that the unit cost for each antibody development is only at a small fraction of traditional approaches. Together, SEAL™ offers an unprecedented freedom and success for monoclonal antibody discovery.

    SEAL™ is becoming a general approach for generating high value application antibodies (flow cytometry, ELISA, IHC and functional) against high value targets including GPCRs, ion channels, difficult membrane proteins, transcription factors.