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    The goal of AbX™ is to develop antibodies against all proteins in nature in the next five (5) years.

    The typical protein-by-protein approach for antibody development is not amenable for achieving the goal set out for AbX™. So instead a monoclonal antibody library consisting of specific, high affinity antibodies against random peptide sequences is generated first. This top-down approach, called PETAL™, enables systematic, proteome-scale antibody development for any species. AbX™ is now being launched at a speed of 3-5 sequenced organisms ( 10,000-50,000 protein-coding sequences) per day with a goal to cover around 1000 organisms by the end of 2015.

    AbX™ will give scientists an unprecedented antibody resource for protein studies and a simple, cost-effective way to acquire new antibodies. Whether you are interested in a new protein or new organism, AbX™ is here to help.

    Sales limited to outside of mainland China.