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    For a sequenced organism, all predicted gene products and a few selective antibody end-uses are covered as follows

    It is noted that certain protein and end-use classes are NOT covered by AbX™ antibodies. For them, higher affinity antibodies are needed to ensure the end-use successes. This requirement is provided by SEAL™.

    To create an antibody (X) package, peptide antigens (3-12) representative of N-, C- or Middle portion of a target protein are designed and synthesized, respectively. The PETAL™ library is then screened with each peptide antigen groups (N, C or M) to yield a combination of monoclonal antibodies. On average, each combination consists of monoclonal antibodies against 2 peptide antigens. For each protein, 3 such combinations (N-, C-, and M-) are prepared for selection.

    Once you select a X product based on our recommendation, you will be automatically covered by our AbInsure™ Program in case the antibody package is not performing as you wish. Find out more about AbInsure™ here.