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    AbX™ is based on proprietary PETAL™ (Proteome Epitope Tag Antibody Library) technology. PETAL™ bypasses traditional immunization methods and instead it generates antibodies by screening a pre-made, anti-peptide monoclonal antibody libraries against tens of thousands carefully designed peptides representative of millions of proteins and hundreds of species. For a target protein, multiple (typically 5-30) peptide antigens are designed and synthesized to screen the PETAL™ library (arrayed on chips).

    Screening results of 5000 peptide antigens (derived from more than 400 proteins representative of more than 100 species) demonstrate that there 60 out of 100 peptide antigens can yield an average of 2 high affinity (dot blot detection sensitivity <1 ng, comparable to a FLAG antibody; or ELISA titer >10,000 against peptide antigens) monoclonal antibodies. So it is (almost) guaranteed to discover antibodies against a target if >=3 peptide antigens are used for library screening.

    We hope AbX™ wil usher a new era of personal antibody development with its speed and affordability.

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